Bridging  Memories with Caregiver Tools
Books As Memory Bridges
If you answered yes to any question, you’ve come to the right place.  Welcome to BOOK AS MEMORY BRIDGES,  publisher of read-aloud, photo-journals for caregivers of people with conditions that interfere with communication.  The Caregiver Tools series encourage casual conversation through the use of photographs, poetry, questions from remote memory, singing, and sitting together quietly. Using visual, auditory, musical and quiet-time techniques helps to engage the person.  The Caregiver Tools series includes:  BRIDGING MEMORIES:  volume 1 REMINISCENCE: volume 1 & volume 2 I REMEMBER:  volume 2   The Caregiver Tools series serves a range of communication needs.  Collectively, the titles consolidate the various techniques recommended above.  Family members, friends,  and professionals are using these beautifully simple books to help make the life of a person with communication issues a little less lonely and isolated.  Books are sold separately, or as a set.
Has memory loss or chronic illness changed the way you are able to communicate with your loved one or patient? Would you like your visits with your loved one to be more memorable, interactive, and stimulating? Are you a practitioner who likes to use books to combat social isolation and boredom?
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