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Books As Memory Bridges
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 EVERYBODY DREAMS It’s okay to dream that one day, once upon a time we all lived in peace in a small town, in a valley on a river, beneath a mountain 
About Reminiscence
The REMINISCENCE  journals ARE vivid picture books with photographs of nature matched with simple, stand-alone frames of  poetic text. The evocative photographs can transport a person into spacious, beautiful places.  These books provide a rich collection of words and images that makes it easy for two, or more people to have conversation.   In clinical settings, such as nursing homes, we found the books made worthwhile gifts that were kept at the bedside to be enjoyed by visitors who use it to have conversation.  Reminiscence Volume 1 is $15.00 per book.  Reminiscence Volume 2 is $15.00 per book.
Free worry and pain Let negativity drain Still your mind Create some space Rest
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