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Bridging  Memories with Caregiver Tools
Books As Memory Bridges
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Derek Ferebee “I help tell your story with pictures.”
Laura Levitan, LCSW “I like to hear your story.”


We have three goals

Publish books to promote interpersonal relationships with people with communication difficulties. Help families to stay bonded despite a loved ones problems. Encourage an understanding that people who have difficulty communicating           need socializing and are able to feel emotions during conversations.

Business Update:

The publising of Caregiver Tools Series since 2009 has sharpened our skill. We are proficent experts in communication tools that use photographs;this assists           families and businesses who need theraputic memory jogging materials to improve           interaction with patients and loved ones. We also developed a unique advertising opportunity that allowed interested businesses to place          “forever ads”.


It takes a team to build bridges strong enough to connect persons with dementia to their memories. The BOOKS AS MEMORY BRIDGES team, Mary Beth Sloan, Laura Levitan and Derek Ferebee have published compact, effective communication tools that strenghtens relationships. Linking individual areas of expertise in nursing, social work, and photography, allowed for the knowledgeable selection of images and words.This key combination of talent distinguished our work. Effective use of I REMEMBER, REMINISCENCE, and BRIDGING MEMORIES relieves loneliness, and gives people’s memories a voice. We care about helping families stay connected and in relationship with each other.