About Caregiver Tools: Bridging Memories The CAREGIVER TOOLS: Bridging Memories read-aloud journal encourages casual conversation through the use of photographs, questions from remote memory and singing. Caregivers use the universally appealing "family-album-style" photographs paired with questions and associated singing activities to have one-on-one interaction. When caregivers talk to people with memory problems about things stored in the remote memory, it results in conversation and bonding.  Detailed instructions help caregivers to focus on the person and not the disease process alone.  CAREGIVER TOOLS: Bridging Memories can also be used as a guideline to make your own memory book. Caregiver Tools: Bridging Memories is available as an ebook. Presently, we recommend it only be ordered via an APPLE device, Iphone, Ipad. Caregiver Tools: Bridging Memories Volume 1 is $15.00  Survey Monkey
Bridging  Memories with Caregiver Tools
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