Bridging  Memories with Caregiver Tools
Books As Memory Bridges
REASONS TO BELIEVE IN BOOKS AS MEMORY BRIDGES. "Providing care for a loved one with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia is a challenge faced by many families. I am delighted to learn about your commitment to helping caregivers and I applaud you for your efforts."        ^Maria Shriver “Reminiscence by Mary Beth Sloan and Derek Ferebee is a beautifully crafted book, with exquisite photography accompanied by short, thoughtful poems. When you want to visit a loved one in a hospital or nursing home, for example, but don't know what to say, take this book with you. It will stimulate both conversation and cherished memories.”         ^Kathleen V. Logan          co-author, Second Blooming for Women: Growing a Life That Matters After Fifty.  “Mary Beth, what a great afternoon!  The following day (the day after you worked with Mom) mom was still on a high from the experience with you.  When I told her about going to the church after exercise class finished on Wed. to celebrate one of the ladies' birthdays, she suggested that we should get back to exercising!!  Her positive experience with you was a gift that keeps on giving God bless you!”          ^Mary Blanchard          daughter of Edna Rojotte Pensacola, FL.  “Every senior residence facility in America is going to want these books.”        ^Kathleen Koch         Director of Community Relations,         Sunrise Fox Chapel, PA   “I know Reminiscence is designed for caregivers and people who have difficulty reading, but I like reading it for myself.  It helps me to feel calm and I love the pictures.  The pictures are so beautiful and the writings are very inspirational.”         ^Linda Kimball          Long Beach, CA “During one of my assessments, an 80 year old client was fascinated with Dodger’s journey out West. This is not just a children’s book.”            ^An ALF Marketing Director, Gulf Breeze “You’ve got a good idea. Keep pursing publishers until you find the right one. Get these books published.”         ^Rollo Couchman          Acquisitions Editor, Elsevier Publishing “There is certainly much to commend, and such a book would be a beautiful and delightful book for families and their loved ones.”             ^Jeanette Johnson         Acquistions Editor, Review and Herald Publishing Association “Your book is wonderful...I love your format - you don’t have to look for the questions, the pictures are “real,” it’s not  childish in design. I can imagine it a great help to staff and to patients.”        ^Dr. Donna Jacobi, MD         University of West Florida College of Medicine,         Clerkship Director Geriatrics, Pensacola Campus Since these are tools to help give loved ones the chance to communicate with each other, give them a voice.  Please give us your feedback so we can continue to add any information that could be beneficial to others. You can email us at
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